Essential Safety Measures Solutions

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Building compliance can often be overlooked when it comes to owning and operating a property asset.

As a building owner you have a responsibility to ensure the fire, life, and health and safety components operate as they did when the building was granted its original Occupancy Certificate.

In order to achieve this, ESM inspection cycles and subsequent maintenance are required by all property owners and an Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (AESMR) must be prepared for buildings young and old.

TPG provides virtual, cloud-based simple solutions and reporting to ensure your building is compliant and remains in a constant state of compliance at the critical checkpoints of the ESM cycle. Our cloud-based solution provides real-time reporting functions and is structured and supportive to ensure your tenants are safe and protected.

TPG Essential Safety Measures Services include:

  • ESM review and status; reporting and recommendations.
  • ESM inspection schedules.
  • ESM Manual implementation, recording and maintenance and compliance support
  • Compliance certification and Annual Sign Off to meet legislative requirements.

Competent specialists identify ESM’s within each building (office, school, commercial premises), issue a Maintenance Determination that will outline the ESM installed and execute inspections at relevant cycle times. TPG provide a simple, 7-step process:


Our ESM service model is simple, effective and user-friendly.

Our solution engages networked industry professionals to facilitate:

  • A review and inspection of properties within your organisation property portfolio to establish a uniform ‘health status’ in relation to ESM’s and;
  • Execute our design and implementation of a cost effective and ongoing ESM inspection program that is virtual, cloud-based and reported in real-time to ensure information is relevant and up-to-date.

TPG ESM services work to close-the-loop on your organisation’s ESM inspection, rectification and compliance obligations so you can focus on your core business.

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