Property Advisory Services Outsourcing

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TPG Property Advisory Services Outsourcing (PASO) allows portfolio owners to have access to an embedded hand selected team of industry leading professionals without having to hire them directly.

Our PASO model supports organisations to discover opportunities for new growth and design innovative strategies and business models to maximise these opportunities.

TPG is a specialist provider of on-site embedded property teams with the ‘look and feel’ of your wider organisation to support you in the administering of your daily property portfolio needs and functions.

TPG provide several PASO options:

Fully Outsourced Model
Your organisation outsources all property and facilities-related matters. Our embedded team manages the end-to-end property management and advisory requirements across part or your entire organisational portfolio.

Hybrid Model
TPG acts as a property advisory and operational partner on an ongoing basis together with your current property team to manage overflow projects they cannot execute themselves. Flexible support allows you to meet demand peaks, project complexities and extended geographical coverage or knowledge relating to the project.

Project Model
Your organisation outsources a specific project to TPG for a specific period of time to complete on a start-to-finish project basis. The nature of the engagement is time-bound and relates to a specific need, generally by the type of project and/or geography.

TPG Property Advisory Services Outsourcing (PASO) benefits include:

  • Lower property management costs
  • Increased portfolio performance
  • Increased compliance status
  • Project specific resources
  • Immediate access to short, medium or long term expertise
  • A strike team at your disposal as and when required
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