Valuation Advisory & Support Services

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TPG can manage the valuation process to deliver valuation advice to your organisation to support reporting, transactional advice, insurances and mortgages, dispute resolution and capital adjustments.

Independent appraisal advice is essential for good business as it often supports decisions that have to be made in relation to a range of business activities.

Our national team has the resources and network connections to facilitate and manage the valuation process using an independent certified valuer to support your organisation with valuation required for: homes, rural properties, industrial warehouses, and shopping centres to office buildings, infrastructure, hotels and much more.

Independent appraisal advice supports activities that include:

  • Re-valuations
  • Acquisition and disposal
  • Establishing price limits for the purchase and sale of properties
  • Establishing commercial rent reviews
  • Capital raisings
  • Mortgages and Insurances
  • Stakeholder interests

TPG Valuations and Advisory Support services include:

  • Locating and procuring an independent valuer in your area in relation to your needs.
  • Overseeing and managing the valuation process in accordance with your needs.

TPG are experienced in procuring, liaising and managing valuation advice for a number of organisations and their subsidiaries in relation to property and land holdings to support a range of business activity.

Our extensive experience managing and overseeing the valuations and advisory process means your organisation can be confident in the benefit of our vast experience, skills and industry networks.

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