Bespoke Relationship Management Plans

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TPG recognises that each organisation has its own specific needs, capabilities and relationships both internally and externally.

Different levels of management and leadership often require reporting data to make fully informed decisions when it comes to the organisation’s property portfolio.  

Whether it’s within a corporate, business, faith-based or community setting, Relationship Management Plans provide a clarity and structure to support a range of strategic and operational functions.

TPG specialises in individualised tailored relationship management plans that serve to support and foster the associations and communities within your organisation.

Our customised Relationship Management Plans give all stakeholders a clear and concise 360 degree view of all projects and activities.

Relationship Management Plans are your line-in-the-sand to ensure sound service delivery is achieved.

TPG Bespoke Relationship Management Plan benefits include:

  • Full and inclusive focus on budget and expense management.
  • End-to-end management of workflows and delivery.
  • Effective Time Management for all stakeholders.
  • Importance Graded Projects – know what is important to you and us.
  • Resource & Financial Planning.
  • Clear lines of communication resulting in inclusion.
  • Improved Risk Management processes and reduction in issues – early warning sign detection systems.
  • Matching the right resources to the right projects – Resource Planning & Allocation.

TPG then facilitate and support quarterly best-practices meetings where this information is brought together and utilised to support your organisation’s review of past performance, current issues and the next quarter’s future needs.

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