Facilities & Asset Management Solutions

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Effective Facilities and Asset Management function to provide an organisation with consistency to maintain assets that support an organisation’s primary activities by minimising risk, reducing costs and increasing end-user satisfaction.

TPG provides Facilities & Asset Management Solutions using maintenance-customised models to drive improvement to support your organisation’s response to changing mission, vision or ministry work and operational demands.

TPG provides comprehensive support to achieve desired outcomes across core and non-core services and to provide the confidence needed to ensure industry best-practice and ministry objectives.

TPG Facilities & Asset Management Solutions will benefit your organisation by providing you with:

Development of a synchronised Master Plan and Programmed Maintenance Schedule to facilitate and promote:

  • Reduced Costs.
  • Improved and planned processes.
  • Reporting and outcomes.
  • Financial metrics – budgets, forecasts and actuals.
  • Contractor management –  engagement, facilitation and compliance.
  • Resource management – internal and external.
  • Flexibility.
  • Trusted advice and consultation.
  • Risk minimisation for employees, client and customers, Management and Board of Directors.

TPG provide you and your organisation with the professional advice, service and know-how so that you can focus on your core mission, vision and ministry work.

TPG Facilities & Asset Management Solutions close-the-loop and provide you with the confidence that your organisation’s property portfolio is operating to its maximum efficiency.

Contact us today to see how TPG Property Services Advisory Specialists can work for you and your organisation.

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