Project Management Services

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Project Management & Development Services

TPG is your trusted Project Manager that assists your organisation in risk assessment, minimisation and mitigation in any property related project – large or small.

TPG has extensive experience in project development and management, working with religious orders and congregations, dioceses and parishes on projects ranging from installations, to new facility constructions such as parishioner hubs to parish subdivision of superfluous land and multi-lot, residential property development.

Working with your mission, vision and ministry in mind, our team can provide support and guidance from concept stage, right through the town planning process, surveying, engineering, civil works, construction, issuing of titles and sale phases.

Our project management, development management and Parish project experience includes:

  • Project concept stage, providing options and advice.
  • Sourcing and managing town planners and surveyors with planning applications from concept to permit stage.
  • VCAT appeals processes.
  • Parish and surplus land subdivisions and boundary adjustments.
  • Multi-lot residential developments overseeing processes that include design, surveying, town planning, civil works constructions, media, sales and other job-related professionals.

TPG Project Management Services reduce decision-making risk that can affect the quality of the project outcome. We support your organisation by identifying key project risk factors and then execute strategies to minimise and mitigate risk scenarios so they don’t go unchecked.

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