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Property Management that reduces risk, improves tenant retention and operates with your organisation’s mission, vision and governance principles in mind.

We recognise that faith and not-for-profit owned property requires a unique set of professional skills to ensure commercial transactions occur from an industry best-practice approach and within governance frameworks where required.

We understand that property is often the fulcrum in the balance between an organisations’ mission, vision and community work.

We are the leading providers of property management services in the faith based, not-for-profit and public benevolent sector.

Our property management solutions are designed to assist and support these unique organisations through complex property management issues that require a sophisticated and practical understanding of current legislation and particular legal tenets, together with an organisation’s particular governance principles.

Our solutions combine to reduce costs, enhance efficiencies and provide you with reassurance and maximised portfolio performance that ensures:

  • Accountability
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Best-industry practice

Our specialised approach includes:

  • Strategic lease negotiation
  • Planned and programmed maintenance
  • Streamlined capital works planning
  • Risk assessment and reduction
  • Consistent approach to rent reviews
  • Effective tenant retention strategies
  • Rigorous approach and processes focus on maximising rental income and asset value

Tierney Property Group is your Property Support Partner in Property Management, leaving nothing to chance.

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