Strategic Advisory Services

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Strategic advice in relation to property assets links future decision making to your organisation’s policy priorities and its economic, social, mission and ministry objectives.

Tierney Property Group is your trusted Property Support Partner when it comes to sourcing the right balance of information to make decisions that impact and affect your organisation.

We understand that access to the right strategic advice that critically affects the future value of your property portfolio, can be a challenge.

TPG brings extensive not-for-profit, best-practice experience to your organisation. We recognise that a personalised approach needs to be as unique as your organisational needs and that not-for-profit organisations need a commercial edge when it comes to the strategic triggers that drive decision making processes. 

Our Property Support Partner model gives your organisation access to a team of property professionals that will implement strategic and operational support via process and procedures to provide you with direct access to solutions in complex and diverse property matters.

The flexibility of our Property Support Partner strategy offer means you have the option to select the various aspects as needed.

Tierney Property Support Partner Model:

Our approach means that your portfolio when assessed and reviewed is:

  • Fully supported by a well-structured and comprehensive strategic approach
  • Operationally well managed.
  • Performing at optimum levels
  • Exceeding your return-on-investment expectations
  • Fully compliant to legislative requirements

Our demonstrated track record and sector expertise will provide you with the tools to make:

  • Informed decisions that have covered all contingencies;
  • Decisions that maximise outcomes by placing you in a stronger strategic position to capitalize on the ownership, management and highest and best use of land and property assets

Tierney Property Group as your Property Support Partner, provides your organisation with a model that is structured, effective, strategic, operational, implementable and measurable.

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