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TPG recognises and supports the importance of your organisation’s commitment to sustainability, the environment and the ultimate care of the earth.

The challenge facing most organisations is to make changes to consumption and behavioral patterns to improve sustainability and reduce carbon footprint levels, without compromising purpose, goals, stability and productivity.

TPG has extensive industry experience in providing sustainability support and advice, helping a range of organisations to re-think and re-engineer the way they use resources and make smarter choices that reflect an organisation’s social responsibility policies and environmental and theological commitments.

TPG has a proven track record in project managing, identifying and scoping renewable energy solutions that incorporate:

  • Solar PV panel design and installation.
  • Infrastructure advice.
  • Asset finance.
  • Solar farms for investment and use.
  • LED lighting replacement solutions.
  • Authenticated Green Energy supply.

These solutions are applicable to residential, commercial and rural property assets.

Each project is bespoke and customized to meet your organisation’s specific goals and objectives with concise capability to measure the outcomes and performance.

TPG Sustainability & Environment Solutions will support your organisation to:

  • Re-think and re-engineer resource usage.
  • Reduce resource expenditure.
  • Reduce carbon-footprint.
  • Improve sustainability.
  • Promote and encourage team awareness.
  • Meet social responsibility policies and environmental obligations.

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